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SEO services for the automotive industry have become an essential part of the online dealership’s success. It seems pretty standard to make it, but there are still some unclear details if you are not an SEO specialist. Dealerbuzz is an automotive marketing SEO agency with 15-years of successful experience. We can help you improve the SEO marketing strategy for your site and bring it to the top3 position in search statistics results for automotive topics.

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Our SEO Services

Content Optimisation

As the saying goes, content is king, and we make sure that your website gets the throne on search results with our optimisation tactics.

Link Building

We create backlinks from high domain authority websites pointing to your website, increasing the likelihood of authority and visibility.

Local SEO

Attract new customers from surrounding locations to your business and form longstanding relationships with locals.

All Our Services

Independent of franchise dealerships, every business is distinctive. That is why we offer a wide range of digital marketing services tailored to every business.

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Dealerbuzz team is available for any SEO task you need. If you do not know what to start with, buzz us for a free consultation. We will discover your SEO requirements step by step and build your strategy to achieve all mentioned goals. Feel free to ask your questions in any way that suits you. Our automotive SEO agency is ready to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Automotive SEO insights and tactics are used to make your site the best place for customers, attracting new leads looking for services you provide. The number of site visitors can rise to 90% with good SEO.

From the beginning, SEO services for the car dealers industry start at creating a webpage adapted for your dealership. Automotive SEO agency optimises, customises content, makes link building, and many other related steps.

The Dealerbuzz is a conversion marketing agency team with extensive knowledge of automotive SEO. Search engine optimisation uses numerous strategies that can make effective even season-depending businesses. We are ready to meet your expectations and immediately start building the complete approach to receive your goals.
Dealer Buzz provides complex marketing support for companies to help you achieve the best possible conversion.

SEO services for car dealerships include correcting relevance and navigation links, founding effective meta tags, catchy titles, good-reading content and keywords. We can help your dealership site rank the highest position on search engine result pages (SERPs).

SEO explicitly designed for car dealers magnifies the conversion that your dealership will get from consumers in the market by targeting the keywords used throughout the research and buying process.

1. Your website’s impression

“You have only one chance to make a first impression”, people say, and over 90% of potential buyers’ impression goes from your website. The first look has to make it memorable!

Is it easy to do purchasing online, and is it comfortable to reach your dealership car information? The excellent SEO marketing goal is to have a website designed and maintained to rank best with Google’s search results and stand out from the competitors. The website should match most of your designated market area (DMA). 

2. Good text options

Make sure that your introduction has at least 400 words on the homepage. Check if your address and phone number are mentioned on all your site pages and the local areas you serve. Consider if your pages include all necessary tags like title, H1, meta description and image alt attributes. Be sure that the text and title are clickable. For better navigation, create a search bar and some social sharing plugins.

3. Share content that is useful for your visitors

As you know, Search engines like fresh and relevant content. Digital content strategy should be focused on creating relevant and unique texts that your customers will find valuable.

Does your car dealership posts new and exciting content regularly? Not the common changes such as updating inventory or listing any monthly specials. Better to provide a blog or news section with some interesting information about the cars you sell. It is also the most recent information that people are looking for at Google. Likewise, you can add value to create local content that people in your DMA will want to read. A weekly blog post size should go between 350-500 words. But remember, it isn’t all about you. Topics should include information that the community wants to know about.

4. Visualise your content

You need to include high-quality and unique images, videos and other media with your texts about car listings to increase the interest of your potential audience’ about your vehicle. Consider including pictures on seasonal car maintenance, illustrate the new model launches, and show the visual difference of the current specials. Car topics should also be written brightly and regularly.

Each post has to be locally optimised: include city and state information, related images along with title tags, alt text, and meta descriptions. Also, do not forget to share an embedded GMB (Google My Business) map for each blog post of your site.

5. Claim your company on Google My Business

 It’s an essential and easy step for businesses and organisations to manage their online presence with Google.

Your Google My Business page should contain the correct information to impact your internet traffic positively. In addition, you can make it easier to find people with contact details, categories selected, time, profile and title image, and a description of your business.

Make sure the name, address, and phone number (also known as NAP) details appear in the same way both on your Google My Business page and your website. It is better always to use the same NAP layout across all websites for your car dealership.

Did you know that writing the long relevant content is not effective without outgoing links? We can make your broad backlink portfolio increase your traffic and enrollment and make it measurable.

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