What are Google Adwords Enhanced Campaigns and how dealers can benefit?

Google’s AdWords tool has become one of the most effective tools in the digital marketing mix for car dealerships looking to connect with local customers in real time.  Google’s flagship product has enabled dealers to create highly targeted, concise advertisements that appear directly in front of potential real-time customers looking to buy or sell cars the right geographical area – just when they are searching for dealerships to do business with. Now, Google is improving its AdWords offering with its new enhanced campaign features aimed at increasing its sales figures and boosting results for its users.

Enhanced Campaigns is a timely upgrade to AdWords that helps users create even more targeted adverts with multiple focuses to perform on the various mobile and desktop devices available at the moment. Along with this huge advantage, Enhanced Campaigns will improve other factors in digital marketing activity, as well as strengthen the analytical capabilities of an AdWords campaign’s performance.

Above all, AdWords Enhanced Campaigns will benefit car dealerships by aligning itself much more closely to the current trend of 24/7connection to the Internet and increased likelihood of using not just desktop devices, but tablets, smartphones etc. to search online while out and about. People looking to buy or sell cars prefer, on the whole, to visit dealerships in person to check out vehicle specs physically, rather than relying on a websiteGoogle’s AdWord Enhanced Campaign lets dealerships create different versions of a car ad in the same place. It automatically fixes bid amounts and adjusts the calls to action contained within an ad to adapt to different devices.

For example, an ad intended for consumption on a desktop PC might seek to drove traffic to the dealer’s main website or online catalogue of cars for sale. The same ad with the same key messages that has been created for mobile devices will place emphasis on the phone number, dealership address, map and direction. This is because someone on the move and looking to actually drop by a dealership will normally look up the details via a mobile phone – Enhanced Campaigns will allow the set-up of adverts that adapt to the mobile device’s physical location, identifying the nearest dealership from the user at any given time.The advantages of Google’s Enhanced Campaigns don’t end there. Google is well aware that a new product will need plenty of introductory information and advice. Its support website contains links to multiple resources so that dealerships can watch webinars, join discussion groups and read blogs, white papers and FAQs to get them started on their first AdWords Enhanced Campaign.

Finally, Enhanced Campaigns provide dealerships with much more detailed feedback after their ad has gone live. It counts phone calls lasting one minute or more and connected via an AdWords click-to-call phone number ad as a conversion, comparable to other conversions, such as app downloads and sales leads.

Google is upgrading all advertising campaigns running via AdWords. Three million accounts already have access to the new tool. Others people will be able to explore it in the next few weeks and months. To find out more, please go to: Google Adwords Enhanced Campaigns