Seven WordPress Plugins for car Dealerships

Our clients from the Automotive industry often ask us to recommend useful wordpress plugins for car dealerships that can help them manage and develop their website and product mix more effectively…

So I thought I would put together few plugins and share it with you, my wider audience. But I strongly recommend that you look at the last update date and user reviews under each of these plugins before you consider using it. Certainly you do not want to consider a plugin has not been updated for years or one that has been receiving negative reviews from its users recently.

1. Car Demon

Car Demon is a Plugin designed for car dealers. Full Inventory Management, Lead Forms with ADFxml support, Dynamic Lead Routing, Staff Page and more. Visit the plugin site 

2. US – Cars

Show used cars for sale in US on your website for free. This widget generates HTML that will show up on search engines as a part of your website. It uses caching to improve performance. You can control the content from the admin backend by simply specifying (or not) if you want to show only specific makes and models, or if you want to show cars manufactured within a certain time span. Display cars that are local, or national. Visit the plugin site 

3. Car Loan Application and Calculator Plugin

This plugin adds a Car Loan Module to your website, lets you deploy a Car Loan Application form and Calculator, and manage them beautifully on back-end. Visit the plugin site

4. Car Demon Styles 

Car Demon Styles was developed to work with the Car Demon PlugIn and allows you to change the look and feel of vehicle listings and detail pages. It also provides support for several popular themes like Suffusion, Responsive and CatchBox. Visit the plugin site

5. WP Car

WP Car is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add new widget to your sidebar. WP Car shows a car photo with big brake horsepower ( bhp ), description, and time from 0 – 100 km/h. WP car is an essential plugin for all site/blogs the subject of cars and automotive. Visit the plugin site


  1. All of the photographs link (nofollow) to the relevant Wikipedia pages, so anyone interested can learn more about the car shown.
  2. Each photo is described by the large text about amount of brake horsepower, as well as a two-line description under the photo.
  3. All photographs are optimized for web (jpg, quality 90%)and have a title and alt attributes.
  4. The plugin adds the contents with the best practices of SEO.
  5. When the page refreshes, the widget show a random different photo.

6. Car Dealer Inventory Page Display

This inserts a set of form fields into the add post panel to create a car dealer inventory website. Visit the plugin site

You can display:

  • Vehicle information
  • Year
  • Price
  • Features
  • Color
  • Transmission
  • And any other related information to the vehicle

Version 1.0 First version of the plugin. Requires the get custom field plugin.

7. WordPress Featured Listings

WordPress Featured Listings Plugin was developed to provide a website owners with an easy way to add dynamic featured listings for real estate or auto sales.