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We have been a conversion marketing agency for over 15 years. Back in 2002, pay-per-click advertising blew up digital marketing opportunities for everyone. Before the pay-per-click model, brands were generally charged CPM, regardless of how much traffic the ad actually attracted to the brand’s site. Pay-per-click is a more effective model,  where your budget goes only for potential customer clicks on your ad. This means your digital advertising costs go on actual visits to your website, not on an impression from someone else. We are an automotive marketing specialist agency experienced in delivering Google Ads Services for Automotive Businesses

and developing automotive websites ads performance

This affordable and highly traceable digital marketing method makes your website nearer to those who directly need your services or products.

Paid search engine marketing, well-known as pay-per-click (PPC), allows automotive industry advertising to generate leads based on specialized Google keywords. Google Ads Services can make the Automotive ads will appear at the top of search pages, making people notice and visit your website earlier than your competitors.

What We Do

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Over 63% of Pay Per Click Accounts Are Wasting Their Marketing Budget

What’s the focus on PPC services for Car dealers?

We target contextual PPC advertising as the main traffic tool for the Automotive Business website. Dealer Buzz combines effective exploring, focused campaign design, and ongoing optimization to ensure your Google Ads Management  is focused on trackable results for 

PPC budget. We have quietly become an Automotive Industry-leading PPC marketing agency and have partnered with clients in Europe to generate large PPC advertising revenue.

Why you need PPC Advertising for Automotive Business?

To understand the PPC importance for car dealers let’s fill in some statistics of the 2020 year.

1) Google reports that search ads can increase brand awareness by 80 percent, and consumers are more likely to remember your brand and start interacting.

2) Google Ads reaches a network of over 2 million websites and apps

3) Consumers make over 160 billion searches per month on Google.


Automotive PPC Tips and Strategies

 Our approach to PPC Advertising for Automotive Industry starts with rigorous research. 

Firstly, by PPC, we correspond the target audience with the matching message at the right time.

Dealer Buzz will explore your business, key brand details, and products so that we can pinpoint your target market.

   Secondly, we use advanced PPC tools to develop a report on search habits, including specific search terms, volume, and current competitor results. This information lays the basics for the success of the next stage – campaign design.

  Thirdly, we take the information collected during the research phase to develop a targeted set of keywords for your campaign. These keywords will be a mix of long and short terms with enough traffic related to your brand and products. This is our target audience for the campaign. 

Fourthly, designing ad copy is set at the landing pages to bridge the gap between the user’s original search and your brand. We make sure that the ad copy buzzes the attention of the target audience, and the landing page quickly relates the value of your brand and encourages the visitor to further interaction.

Fifth,  we get an active campaign running, the acceleration of our work with measurement, optimization, and reporting system. We trace the performance of your keywords and conversions and use the received knowledge to continually improve your campaign through better bidding rules, best ad copy, and good landing pages. We keep you updated with customizable reports to help you see the results of your Automotive advertising PPC efforts.


How Q-online Help Your Automotive Business

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) for Car dealers is a great way to drive traffic to your website. By showing your ads on relevant search demands and platforms to your target audience, and increase traffic with precision and ROI uncommon for any other digital marketing method.


Our PPC Services


Basically, this is means a customer searches for something using a search engine like Google or Yahoo, and we make your ad appear at the top of the search page results, catching the user’s attention. If you want to promote car sales, it may also appear in Google Shopping.


Display Ads

We deliver image or text ads on third-party, Google-related websites, usually sidebars. 


Kind of converting storefront shoppers into customers. Remarketing allows you to return to people who have already visited your website, remind them of the product they are interested in, and encourage them to buy it.

Google Ads

You will pay only when someone clicks on the ad, and we can help you to control the bid rate over how much you want to spend per click.

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Pay-per-click advertising is a great way to quickly drive large amounts of traffic to your Automotive  website. In today’s digital Automotive market, the question is not whether you can benefit from PPC advertising, but when you will take advantage of the opportunity. Call our PPC team to start a proven track record of successful campaigns and attract clients around the world. If you want to increase traffic to your website and add leads to your marketing funnel, consider partnering with specialists at Dealer Buzz

Car dealer PPC needs a professional marketing strategy.

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