How to Grow Facebook Followers and Likes

First of all it’s important that you plan to grow Facebook fans for the right reason. Don’t waste time in building fans just because of your competitors who are smaller in size but have more fans. WRONG. Facebook fans should be treated as business networking or similar email subscribing which can deliver leads to the business. Actually if you build the Facebook fans carefully it can be even more effective than email subscribers. Here are 16 tips to help you build your Facebook fans and likes.
  1. Advertise to earn more likes – Advertising offers the quickest way to build fan network but it certainly adds cost.
  2. Tips:
      • Make sure the ad copy/picture you select is engaging.
      • Try to show different ads on daily basis. People get bored with similar ads.
  3. Use Facebook plugin on blog – Great way of promoting your Facebook page
  4. Offer exclusive videos/ articles /advice to users but this content can only be viewed on condition of they like the Facebook page.
  5. Run a Competition – everyone loves competition. Make sure you set Engaging and easy to fill competition. Task is not to set up challenging competition but fun and easy to fill competition that everyone can participate.
  6. Webpage on website dedicated to promote your social media sites – Create a page, which exclusively promotes your Facebook and other social media sites. It should clearly say “Like our Facebook page”
  7. Continue adding fresh content – Dead and in-active Facebook wont have a chance to earn fans.  For this easiest way is that you can integrate blog with your Facebook page. So every time you write a new blog post, it goes on Facebook page as well automatically.
  8. Free downloads – Offer free eBook, tutorial, legal document, case study etc which user can download by liking your page.
  9. Follow Us Button – Add follow us button with FB icon at the top of your website which appears on each and every page. Make it clear.
  10. Invite other social media users to like your Facebook page – Ask your twitter and LinkedIn followers to join you in Facebook page. Send this invite to your new followers especially at when you acknowledge them first time.
  11. Ask your friends and family to join your Facebook page.
  12. Ask your loyal customers to join your Facebook page
  13. Share Quality and interesting pictures – Compelling pictures that are appropriate for your target audience and which encourage them coming back and make them share and so drive more likes from their friends. Pictures and videos are the most favourite part of discussion and viral in Facebook world.
  14. Offer discounts – Offer exclusive discounts / coupons to Facebook followers. Most followers like Facebook page for discounts and grab deals businesses offer to their Facebook page.
  15. Share News worthy content – News content always works really well until its news. So try to share news worth content as quickly as you can.  Providing more information about your business in Facebook can help users understand who they are following.
  16. Keep your Facebook Tabs useful – don’t just use the default tabs but make sure you have contact us, welcome, meet the team, product pictures, reviews related tabs.
  17. Include link to Facebook page and social media sites in your email signature – The more you promote your social media is better.
  18. Optimise Facebook page for top ranking in search engines – Facebook and other social media sites rank really well these days in search engines. Make sure you optimise your page under right keyword. Also just like standard SEO practice, make sure promote your Facebook page and other social media pages on external sites when you find an opportunity. More links you have to your social media pages is better.