Advantages of Selling a Car Online

There are different ways of getting rid of your old vehicle. Saving time on the job is the biggest challenge for people today, as they want to find ways to do it in the best  possible way.


Using Classified Ads Online

If you are going to sell your car online, you might like to consider what other advantages it will bring you, as well as saving time.

People normally choose to sell their car privately via local classified ads. However, the entire process of selling car in this way is quite time-consuming. To start with, you will have think about the content of your advert. Then, you need to take photos collect tax details, sort MOT etc.

It’s not expensive to advertise in the classifieds. While there is no guarantee that the car will sell, as many potential buyers will waste your time, it’s a cost effective way to attract someone to buy your car.

Even if you do find a potential buyer, you might encounter a situation where they try to negotiate the price down and therefore waste your time even more.



If you choose to auction your car, you will have to subtract the costs for auctioning the automobile from your final amount.


Part Exchange

Another solution is to go for part exchange. A dealer will buy your car, regardless of its condition. Compared to private selling and auction, you will receive the lowest amount for your car selling it this way.


Advantages of Selling Online

Selling a car online has got many potential brownie points. It is quick, easy and very convenient. The seller simply has to enter the vehicle registration number and follow the necessary steps on the website to identify the vehicle.

Sell Your Jamjar will make you an offer and if you accept it, you just need to tell them when and where you want the vehicle picked up. The car will be collected for free anywhere in the UK with the purchase price paid directly into your bank account. Sell Your Jamjar does not drive away until you are happy you have received the cash.

In conclusion, selling a car online has the following benefits.

  • It carries no initial costs as it is completely free to submit an ad online.
  • The seller does not need to go overboard to design the right advertisement.
  • It is stress-free.
  • The seller doesn’t have to worry about price negotiation as in other cases.
  • It does not waste time.
  • The process is simple and rapid.
  • It suits the needs of both the seller and the buyer.