10 business lessons I learnt from driving

Why is driving a car like running a business? Here are ten aspects of driving a car that are important to remember on the road. And ten ways in which they can be applied to running a business.

1. I lose concentration when there is little or no traffic on the road with me

With few or no goals or challenges in sight, running a business can become routine and boring; it is all too easy to switch off and lose concentration.

2. When I only pay attention to the traffic ahead of me, I don’t get enough warning of someone driving too closely behind me

Even if you’re paying full attention to your business goals and desired destination, always be aware of the competitors around you, especially those coming up behind you and trying to overtake.

3. When I am driving on a quiet road, my speed gets slower

Letting your business simply ‘tick over’ during the quieter times is all very well, but if you don’t pick up speed when you need to, your business might just stop moving altogether.

4. I am more attentive when I have traffic behind and in front of me

Business works better when you’re part of a community, driving along together and following the rules of the road to prevent collision.

5. I am more active when driving a manual car, rather than an automatic

Keeping a firm hand on the controls of a business allows you to make the changes necessary to stay on top of your game. Don’t rely on technology to do your thinking for you.

6. I follow the traffic signs to keep me going in the right direction

We’ve all seen them. Drivers too proud to ask for help when lost. Stopping to check your business is going in the right direction from time to time will help keep things on track.

7. I respect the safety of myself and others

Taking unnecessary risks can have devastating consequences. This is true on the road and in business. Always put the safety of your team ahead of everything and make sure your team are happy and confident with the projects and tasks assigned to them.

8. Communicating with other vehicles in advance is critical

Making sure others know where you’re going is crucial if you want to gain respect. Co-operating and communicating with customers, suppliers, colleagues and other businesses will result in stronger relationships all round.

9. It’s not a race; it’s about reaching the destination safely

Rushing a job through will result in a shoddy result job and loss of respect. There’s no point getting somewhere first if you’re only going to be beaten on standards of quality by your competition when they get there too.

10. I think about the safety of those travelling with me

If you’re lucky enough to have a loyal team around you, you must look after them. As the driver of your business, you’re solely responsible for getting your passengers where they need to be with no mishaps along the way.