Mobile Apps

Going Mobile?

Dealer Buzz now offers automotive clients the very latest in mobile technology, bringing their websites and their businesses to the mobile generation. We will look after the entire process, from initial planning through to design, development and launch. Our app development service can help you:

  • Add value to your existing product offerings
  • Help you stand out from your competitors
  • Attract new customers – and keep existing ones on board
  • Establish your dealership as being firmly ‘in touch’ with the opportunities mobile technology can offer – from website exposure to social media
  • Generate extra revenue for your business.

Making Money

Having a mobile app means more than just looking good on a smart phone. It can help your dealership make money through such means as:

  • E-commerce
  • E-bookings (e.g. for test drives or attendance at promotional events)
  • Coupons, deals and special offers
  • Scheduling and appointment-making to synch with your customers’ online calendars using online platforms such as Genbook, Schedulicity and Appointy.

Increasing Loyalty

Keep your customers interested, engaged and impressed by staying in touch and being ready with useful information, timely reminders and expert advice.

We can help you set up such tools as:

  • Mailing lists – to keep customers up-to-date with your news and deals
  • Loyalty programmes – to offer rewards and incentives, such as mobile stamp cards or repeat business rewards for individuals or corporate customers.

Engaging Users

Make users feel part of the family by engaging them through your mobile app and keeping the conversation going.

Retain their interest by:

  • Sending geographically targeted messages to keep them updated about news, events and promotions at their local dealership
  • Allowing customers to take photos and share them directly from your app
  • Giving them the opportunity to report any issues, review your services and share positive feedback.

Promoting Your Business

Getting the word out about your business – and keeping it fresh in people’s minds is made easier with a mobile app that follows them wherever they go. Through their mobile phone or tablet, you can:

  • Provide contact details through a customised ‘about us’ or ‘contact’ page
  • Allow customers to get in touch direct from the app with a ‘click to call’ function
  • Offer maps and directions displaying the exact location of your dealership to enable people to find you quickly and easily
  • Display user reviews to allow people to see how others rate you for themselves
  • Organise and display products in different categories
  • Create menus to help people navigate their way through your app
  • Allow people to book tickets for dealership events or register their interest in a particular promotion
  • Encourage people to tell their friends about you via social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Share Your Content

» RSS Feeds – Integrate feeds from blogs, radio, and other media.

» Social Feeds – Connect Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks to your app.

» Video Gallery – Add video playlists from YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

» Photos – Display photos by connecting with Picasa, Tumblr, Flickr, Facebook, TwitPic, and more.

» Music – Add music playlists from SoundCloud, Beatport, BandPage, and other services and sell albums and tracks via cloud stores like iTunes and Amazon.


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